The Rapid Repair Clamp

Posted on November 25th, 2014 by

What Is the Rapid Repair Clamp?

For any industry that is involved in the movement of fluids or liquid gases under pressure, having a backup safety plan is critical for the security of your systems and your team. As with anything under pressure, time is critical and seconds can be the difference between a life lost. That’s why World Wide Metric is excited to announce the launch of one of their newest products: The Rapid Repair Clamp. This product is the fastest and easiest way to temporarily repair pipe leaks and bursts on your vessel. The system takes less than …
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Design Revolutions in the Maritime Industry

Posted on November 18th, 2014 by
ReVolt Vessel

It is common to view the maritime industry as conservative in their desire to implement new technologies. However as technology develops it has become increasingly important that this industry begins to adopt some new policies, designs and ideas. Excitingly enough, there have been some recent design revolutions taking place inside this industry that could become much more common in upcoming years.


ReVolt is a vessel developed by researchers at DNV GL. This impressive vessel boasts itself as being greener, smarter and safer than conventional ships. The ReVolt is autonomous and powered with a 3,000 kWh battery which reduces operating …
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Understanding Storm Valves

Posted on November 13th, 2014 by
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What Is A Storm Valve?

Storm valves can be found in every day marine systems. Normally, they are situated in sanitary piping systems that have a ship-side exit. These valves have the ability to prevent seawater from entering the system during rough sea conditions. Additionally, these valves, also called “scupper valves” or “discharge check” valves can be found and used on overboard discharge lines to remove sanitary wastes or wastewater.

A storm valve is essentially a swing-check valve, with a closing device. The closing device helps control flow with either a manual wheel or actuated system. The valve functions quite …
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