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Across the globe, most would agree that the metric system is the best way to measure. However, there is still some resistance to this widespread system, making it necessary to convert from standard measurements to metric.

If you are having trouble converting metric measurements, look no further. Convert your metric measurements in a fast and efficient manner. Visit World Wide Metric’s Metric – Conversion Calculator to convert units with a click of a button.

World Wide Metric

This reliable calculator offers conversions for pressure, temperature, length, weight and volume all in one convenient place.

Take the length calculator for example. For example, if you enter 50 in the “miles” field on our length conversion calculator and click calculate, you will instantly find equivalents for centimeters, inches, meters, kilometers, feet, yards and even millimeters.

It goes without saying that this is one of the more popular pages on the World Wide Metric site. We often hear stories of our clients using the page with their customers during sales meetings and cranking out conversions on the fly.

Benefits of Metric

Non-metric systems can change from country to country. Therefore, metric measurements have been set according to a long-standing international agreement. A centimeter is the same in England as it is in China or South Africa. If you start using metric, it eliminates discrepancies and confusion.

As you can probably tell, any business working internationally must work within the metric system. Only one set of measurement is needed, and it is used by 96 percent of the world.

It’s easy

The system works simply with standard prefixes and you can convert from one unit to another by understanding those prefixes. “Kilo” means thousand, therefore 1 kilogram equals 1,000 grams and 1 kilometer equals 1,000 meters.

This may be common knowledge for some or others may have forgotten the lessons they learned in school. If you need to convert those hydraulic hose fittings, tubes or flanges to a metric measurement, you now know where you can go for help.

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