The Importance of Tube Clamps

What Are Tube Clamps?

Tube Clamps are an ideal product to use when you need to clamp pipes, tubes, hoses or electrical cables. These products are practical and economical with a design that makes it quick and easy for the user to install in all types of terrestrial, marine, O.E.M. and industrial applications. Tube clamps can be used in all areas of industrial, mobile and marine hydraulics as well as general industrial pipe construction, press technology systems, instrumentation, control technology and much more.

Tube Clamps

You can feel confident that this product will provide you with a fast, safe, economic installation and service in your piping system. Tube clamps are the best way to secure your piping and hose in a variety of installations and applications. Tube clamps feature a variety of important features that make them a vital product to use in your system. Its main features include shock absorption, vibration dampening and noise reducing properties. By using weldable plates you can anchor your clamps to your machinery or steel work for easy access and a hassle free installation.

Features of World Wide Metric’s Tube Clamps

The upper and lower clamp half of World Wide Metric’s tube clamps are identical which makes assembly incredibly easy. The clamp features ribs in the clamp bore which are designed to absorb shock and vibration in the direction of the tube axis, helping to keep your system stable and secure. For our tube clamps, high sound absorption is guaranteed. Another convenience to their design is how easily this product can be cleaned and wiped down.

Tube Clamp - Single

Our tube clamps feature a standard design with a polypropylene body giving it a distinctive green color. This body accepts a wide temperature range from -22°F to 194°F (-30°C to 90°C). If this material is not exactly what you are looking for, aluminum or polyamide can also be available upon request. As for the metallic components of the clamps, they are designed and manufactured from only the best materials. Their lower and upper plates are made from steel or 304 stainless steel. The screw bolts are manufactured from steel, S40C and 304 stainless steel. Just as with the body, other metals can be available upon request.

Tube Clamp Installation

Installation for this type of product can be performed in a few different ways. The first method is the common welded method in which the clamp will be installed by welding the weld plate to existing steel. Alternate methods depend on the manufacturer of the tube clamps and the products they can provide their users with for installation.

To install using the welding method, first place and weld the bottom plate. Next, place the lower half of clamp. It is pertinent that you do this after the plate is welded. Do not weld with the clamp in place. Next, insert the pipe or tube into the correct position. After that, place the top of clamp and on top of that, add the cover plate. Finally, bolt the assembly in place. Installation really is that easy! To view a visual version of the installation process, take a look at this animation.

World Wide Metric’s tube clamps are recommended for systems with less than 1500 PSI without dynamic loads. Applications can include standard hydraulics, general pipe construction, electrical cables, and general duty piping applications subject to moderate levels of shock and vibration.

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