The Rapid Repair Clamp

What Is the Rapid Repair Clamp?

For any industry that is involved in the movement of fluids or liquid gases under pressure, having a backup safety plan is critical for the security of your systems and your team. As with anything under pressure, time is critical and seconds can be the difference between a life lost. That’s why World Wide Metric is excited to announce the launch of one of their newest products: The Rapid Repair Clamp. This product is the fastest and easiest way to temporarily repair pipe leaks and bursts on your vessel. The system takes less than sixty seconds to install by a single operator without the use of tools. This product was initially developed for repair of pipe work in combat situations so it is applicable across a wide range of industries and can save lives, the environment and money.


Benefits of the Rapid Repair Clamp

The Rapid Repair Clamp is manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel and features a Nitrile lip-seal which makes it suitable for water, gas and most petroleum liquids. For ultimate convenience, this product is reusable, fits pipe sizes ranging from DN 38 – DN 500 (with larger sizes available upon request) and can be applied to pressurized pipes up to 20 bar.

This impressive product features a simple cam lock and chain design that is easily adjustable. These Rapid Repair Clamps have the ability to span a wide diameter range. World Wide Metric offers clamps available to repair pipes from 38 to 500 mm in diameter with four convenient widths ranging from 70 to 272 mm (2.75 to 10.70 inches). With all of its metal components being made from 316 stainless steel, these clamps are designed to withstand high corrosion.


Testing done by the Royal Australian Navy has found that these Rapid Repair Clamps are five times faster to install than other leading brands including the existing Jubilee or Banding Clamps. For additional reliability, it also features a better sealing element. Training to use this product is quick and the product is safe to use which ultimately means less risk of personal injuries and reduced costs for your system.

Applicable industries include the following:

  • Naval Surface and Sub-Surface Fleets
  • Military Steel Pipe Fluid Distribution
  • Merchant Marine
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Food and Dairy
  • Chemical
  • Building and Construction

Installing the Rapid Repair Clamp

Before preparing to install the rapid repair clamp, please be sure that you refer to the separate safety instructions that accompany your clamp when purchased. First, you will place the clamp around the damaged pipe away from the immediate leak. Pre-tension the chain and locking handle so that the clamp properly suits the pipe diameter. Next, slide the clamp sideways and center the gasket directly over the leak.



To stop the leak, pull the locking handle so that the rapid repair clamp closes tightly around the pipe and the handle locks in place. Afterwards, the clamp can be loosened or tightened as needed by using the convenient adjustment nut. Please note that this product does not retain axial pipe movement. Additionally, this product is not created to repair a full circumferential pipe leak. For any additional inquiries, please be sure to contact World Wide Metric directly and visit our Rapid Repair Clamp website to learn more.

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